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Who is in charge of your website management? Once the design and development is done, the website is launched and everything is handed to you, there needs to be someone responsible for ongoing maintenance of your website.

If you’re tired of trying to figure out how to maintain and manage your website, or wish you had a dedicated “IT guy” on the payroll but you can’t justify having them as a part-time or full-time employee –then you need to hire a website management service.

A website management service like Your Media Help is an outsourced service that does website maintenance and administration services like updating, monitoring, optimizing, analyzing, modifying and promoting your website on your behalf.

What is included in our Website Management Services?

With our website management services, you never have to worry about the cost of hiring, downtime, losing data or being hacked, instead, you will have peace of mind and enough time to focus on your core business knowing that your online presence is fully taken care of.

We offer daily website backup which is meant to provide you with automatic recovery should anything happen to your website and data. Accidental data loss can be caused by many reasons, which can happen at any time –from human error, virus attack and electric surges to natural disasters such as fires, flood, and earthquakes.

Uptime monitoring is critical to your business because anything can go wrong –no matter which web hosting services you’re using. By monitoring your website’s uptime, our team can be able to prevent loss of sales, detect hackers fast, and prevent downtime from hurting your reputation and SEO.

A visually and structurally outdated website with a poor navigation framework can quickly turn off potential customers. Additionally, operating your website with outdated site components such as themes, plugins, and CMS slows down your website and is also a security threat. Our team will keep everything updated at all times with the latest technologies.

Our team has the latest software, tools, and know-how for monitoring and securing your website 24/7. Our services include continuous malware scanning, hack repair, and malware removal, vulnerability checks, and blacklist and brand reputation monitoring.

Monitoring how your web pages are ranking in search engines for important keywords can help you understand what is working, what is not and where you should focus your efforts in terms of optimizing your website. We provide insightful reports and proactive alerts to make sure you’re always on top of issues.

This involves monitoring how your website responds to end-user interactions. Parameters that we will measure and monitor include page load speeds, page size, URL response time, page response time, Transaction response time, app response time, among others. Data
collected here will help you improve the user experience.

Content is king, and your website needs to have relevant, engaging, informative, and optimized content that guides the user and provides value. When you feel like your content is a little outdated, our experienced content creation and marketing team will come in handy to help update and optimize your content into action provoking pieces of text, graphics, and videos that fuel conversions.

Our Clients Love us

I have been fortunate to use the services of Your Media Help – to develop my website a few years ago. Raylan has provided quality and timely service to my project. He has not only provided excellent service but provided consultation on best practices for my venture. We have engaged him not just to develop websites but also to design advertisement banners and video content for our church! This guy is excellent! He knows the importance of excellence. I highly recommend this company and am available for further reference if needed.
Nashun D Ricketts
I have worked with Raylan Wynter at Your Media Help for over eight years on large-scale software development projects, growing startups, and existing enterprise applications. They work exceptionally well on both large and small projects and delivers on-time. I highly recommend their services to any size business.
Eric Coomer
I recommend that you do not hesitate in contacting Your Media Help they will handle your info with the utmost care their work is precise and creatively done in a professional manner and on a futuristic level. The service is impeccable and they guide you to make the most informed and best decision for your specific media service.
Felecia Clarke
Very quick and effective for my business. Anything that I have asked them to do, it was done in a timely manner and it was well done. This company brought my business to the 20th century in technology and has given me more business.
Leo Teape
My website was in need of a redesign and Your Media Help took on the project and did an awesome Job. I was super happy with the new design, all my requirements was met plus more.
Jessie Graham
I had the pleasure of work with Your Media Help for my E-commerce website and they did an awesome Job. They went above and beyond, surpassing all my expectations. I highly recommend these guys, they truly know what they are doing.
Smion Namir

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